First United Methodist Church - Midlothian
Saturday, August 15, 2015
Be Loved. Belong. Believe. Become!





Ongoing Needs:  See Crosswinds  
ARMY - Matt Carroll, Tim Kruettner, Harold Barton, Harold Barton,
              Stephen Smith, Josh Schenck
NAVY - Matthew Price, Andrew Cantrell, Zachary Tucker, Thomas Shirley
AIR FORCE - J.D. Culps, Andrew Miller  

MARINE - Collin Johansen, Josh Dunaway,  Seth Allen, Hayden Whatley, 

                 Trevor Smitherman, Bradley Perez, Aaron Straight, Elizia Delapaa 

Please keep our country and all our troops around the world in your prayers as well as your church, the staff, members, visitors and community.


In an attempt to stay current, names are rotated occasionally. Please let the church office know if a name should be added back onto our list, or simply added to or deleted from this list or if you have an update on someone.


How to Submit a Prayer Request

Send  prayer requests to   Beth Mayo or  Joy Price  by clicking on either.  Include contact information in the email so you can be contacted for an update or more information.  For hospitalizations/deaths, please include address & phone. Emergency requests for members and immediate families are sent to everyone on our list.  All requests will be included in the Crosswinds and will be lifted up by our pastors and staff, as well, except for confidential requests which are given to the pastors. 


Note your request as
 PASTORS or STAFF ONLY if it is confidential.